Roma museums

A list of museums dedicated to the Romani culture across Europe.
The museums list is organized by Country and by alphabetical order.

Czech Republic
Muzeum Romské Kultury (Museum of Romani Culture) – Brno

Un Siècle de Roulottes (A Century of Caravan) – Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie

Museo del Viaggio (Jurney Museum)– Milano Rogoredo, Milano.

Muzeum Etnograficzne (Ethnographic Museum). Tarnow

Museo of Romani Culture. Bucarest

Muzej Romske Kulture (Museum of Romani Culture) – Beograd

Museo Europeo della Cultura e Storia Rom. Murska Sobota
Romski Muzej Hudeje (Roma Museum Hudeje) – Trebnje, Novo Mesto
Romski Muzej Kamenci (Roma Museum Kamenci) – Črenšovci, Murska Sobota
Stara Hisa (Old House) – Kerinov Grm, Krško

Museo Etnologico de la Mujer Gitana (Museum of Gypsy Women) – Granada

United Kingdom
The Gordon Boswell Romani museum – Spalding, Lincolnshire, Inghilterra
South East Romany Museum – Marden, Kent, Inghilterra

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